Vlog – a way of living or an advertisement?

For quite some time vlog – an audio-visual form of a blog – has been at its peak. It is a virtual world filled with basically anything – from technologically advanced productions to short clips of ‘talking heads’ or the author’s head.

Why is it so popular?

Blogs departed from their original form a long time ago – many people drifted away from the idea of writing a diary or a journal. Nowadays it is one of the sources of information covering almost any topic for the Internet users. Which is why with the progression of channels uploading videos was the origin of vlogs. In Poland one of the most popular topics in video blogs are fashion, diet, lifestyle, travel, animals, business or motivation.

Vlog is not only a free entertainment – it also is an amazing opportunity to make money. There are vloggers whose only source of income are their videos – and it is not a small amount. It involves a paid promotion of a certain brand or product in the videos.

An amazing marketing tool

The promotion and marketing departments in big corporations know exactly how the raising popularity of vlogs can impact their business. It is especially visible in the so-called Y-generation (millennials), which is a generation of people born in the 90s or later, who cannot imagine a life without their smartphone or tablet.

Which is the reason why the rapid development of the world’s largest corporations such as Sephora takes place in the virtual world.

There are numerous advantages of such actions, such as:

  • The flexibility of the form – vlogs can be about any topic, which is why there are basically no limits when it comes to the industry, company or products being advertised,
  • Short time to reach the recipient – the Internet allows an immediate publication of content and an instant response to arising trends,
  • Low cost – in comparison to the professional, TV advertisements or the Internet ads,
  • Fast spread – thanks to subscriptions and the ‘share’ button an interestingly created materials can quickly spread across the internet users and potential customers.


Video blogs have a very big audience on YouTube. The community loves seeing their favourite people and their everyday adventures. A lot of content creators upload their videos on a daily basis giving their audience an opportunity to not only take a peek into their lives, but also be a part of it. Many successful people started with video content. For example Justin Bieber owes his popularity to his YouTube channel, Zoe Sugg has written a successful book series and has her own lifestyle and beauty range, Michelle Phan has her own cosmetics line and Liza Koshy has become an actress and television host. It does, however, also work the other way round – many people who had their minute of fame decided to run their own YouTube channel. Russell Brand, a well-known stand-up comedian talks about political and cultural issues or Josh Peck – once a successful child actor known from The Amanda Show and Drake & Josh now posts regular videos.

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